Tuesday, March 2, 2010

KWN 2010

Hi friends,
KWN 2010 is now open for registration! The deadline to submit the storyboards is on 25 March 2010. It is open to students from 10 to 15 years old. The theme is Ecology and Communication.
For further information please go to www.kwnmalaysia.com
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Don't wait until the last minute to send in your entries, it'll get jammed up!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New babies!

Just to inform other members, i got a message from Maslinda this morning. Good news, she and Nurul Hayati are now mommies! Congratulations to both of them! Enjoy those splendid and joyful moments with your new borns! (and don't forget to upload your babies' photo here very soon!)

gambar perhiasan: my baby ~ Muhammad Irfan Hakim - a day after birth :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Panasonic Kid Witness News (KWN)

Heard of the Panasonic KWN before? It's a hands-on video education programme sponsored and supported by Panasonic where students learn to write, shoot, edit and produce their own 5 minutes video clip. I'm sure Chris is familiar with this programme as SMK Sri Aman has won the Videography Special Award in 2008! Congrats! To those who haven't heard of it please go to this website - http://kwnmalaysia.com/ All you need to do is tell your students to make the storyboards first and submit the entries to Panasonic and they will decide from the storyboards whether the students are selected to go for the video recording workshop. You have to send in the storyboards online, so, send in early because from experience last minute submission made entries jammed up and the Panasonic didn't get the storyboards.
Well, here are some photos of what my students had done this year, but, unfortunately, they didn't win anything.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

This is a video of a sketch acted by Form 3 students on a chapter in 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' novel. These students are from the 5th class in the form. There are 32 students in the class with 10 girls and the rest are boys. So you can imagine how it is like where the boys rule!

The audio is terrible, couldn't figure out why...sorry!

This is the first chapter of the novel. The scene where a little girl, Edie, was trampled on by the evil Mr Hyde.

I told the students to just act as if Mr Hyde stepped on the girl. I didn't realize that 'Mr Hyde' had actually kicked and stepped on 'Little Edie' until I replayed the video and heard the other students muttered "Dia buat betul-betul!" (means he had really stepped on his friend). I scolded the boy and ordered him to apologize, but the 'victim' only replied "Ala...main-main je, Teacher" (means they are just joking around). Boys are boys! They really test my patience!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christina's clip 2

hang out time ..

Orang pertama saya jumpa, Kak Deebah .. best kan kak .. bila dah tau nak guna blog ni kan? (^^,)

serius betul Aidza .. ke tension sebab lupa password? Aktiviti ni kat McD, lepas makan kena buat kerja hehe (Haa Liza .. jeling apa tu?)

hari berikutnyna .. kat Pizza Hut la pulak .. :) tapi frust jugak sebab tak dapat guna wifi kat situ .. urusan pun tak selesai semua ..

Saya nak ucapkan berbanyak2 terima kasih pada rakan2 yang sudi meluangkan masa cuti mereka untuk makan bersama-sama sambil try out new things in blog. Jika ada kelapangan bolehlah jumpa dengan yang lain pula ..

Thanks Kak Deebah, Adiza, Liza, Kak Siti and Norina for your time (^^,)
Jangan lupa siapkan entry dan masuk blog selalu ek!

Christina's little clip